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As an accredited inspection body we know what is important and how to manage functional safety in an effective and conformant way.

Based on extensive experience in the functional safety domain, we can provide tailor made solutions to your needs in the area of functional safety.

Our services includes safety lifecycle process development and alignment together with ready made plans, checklists and templates compliant with functional safety standard requirements.

We provide product development services and assist in development projects to design safe architectures or to support your employees with mentoring/coaching.


Process development

We provide processes, checklists and templates for a more effective and fully compliant safety life cycle process. This includes safety plans, verification and validation plans, configuration and change management and organisational requirements. 

Roles in the safety life cycle

We can take on required roles or act as mentors or advisors for your organisation regarding functional safety. Often required roles include Safety manager, Validator, Verifier, Project leader etc. 

Development support

We also provide services in the product development area including hazard and risk analysis and safety concept development. Making the right design decisions early in the development will save great effort s later on. 

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